ok cass



Leather sample system for AVO

packaging + printed collateral


AVO makes hand dyed leather for interiors that juxtapose material and technique: tactile, natural full grain leather is dyed in super bold and graphic patterns.

The goal was to design packaging that we could use to send out samples to clients. All of AVO’s products are hand dyed in house, and sold directly to interior designers, so finding a graceful way to present our physical samples is really important. It's often the first chance people get to experience the products in person, to feel the leather, and see the wabi-sabi beauty that comes from them being hand made. We wanted the packaging to echo the angles and shapes that AVO’s patterns are known for, something that would be elevated, geometric and minimal enough showcase the vibrancy and texture of the samples. 

I designed two custom enclosures, each one has two possible heights so that they have a snug fit for different quantities of samples. I worked through physical mockups, drafted drawings, and made the technical artwork for the final custom die. The enclosures were printed by Rohner Press.

I also designed a set of postcards to talk about the brand, and illustrated icons that outline AVO's product categories: cowhide rugs, woven leather, wall tiles, and pillows. 

Here’s the sample system I designed in its entirety: custom enclosures, memo tags, and postcard set.