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In the 1970s, more flowers were sold in New York than anywhere else in the world except for Amsterdam. The Flower District was at the center of it all: every morning a vibrant jungle would appear on 38th street before dawn and disappear long before lunchtime. In 2016, the NYTimes reported that the number of sellers had shrunk by more than half and might soon disappear completely. For now, each day wholesalers still unload their trucks on 28th st. in Manhattan between 6th and 7th avenues. It's a dying gem, the kind of bustling realness and idiosyncrasy — the grit of midtown suddenly filled with lush and exotic plant life — that makes new New York so mythic and strange.

The goal of this project was to rebrand the Flower District into a tourist destination. A treasure like the Bloemenmarkt in the Netherlands or the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. A spot for instagram kids, early rising city toddlers, late night roamers heading home with hopes to make one final romantic gesture, and tourist families alike. The perfect secret spot. The real New York. A place full of living things in an age of screens and a city of concrete.

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